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Physical and Mental Health

Pink TEA

The Pink TEA brings awareness to breast cancer as well as celebrates those who are actively fighting or have survived breast cancer. OAC wants to educate the community about breast cancer and show appreciation to the caregivers of breast cancer victims in an effort to fight breast cancer. This event is held in the month of October.

New Year, New Me, New Perspective

OAC jump-starts the New Year with our New Year, New Me, New Perspective program.  Mostly everyone has the resolution to get fit and shed those pounds. OAC's NYNMNP program provides individuals in the community with information about ways to get fit and healthy as well as benefiting from getting fit and staying fit. Individuals joined the Fitness Challenge to aid in meeting their weight loss goals.

Autism Awareness Fun Run

The purpose of the Autism Fun Run was to bring awareness to autism in the service area and to raise funds to be donated to The Autism Center of North Mississippi which relies on grants and donations to supplement the cost of services they offer.

Economic Development

Educational Development

International Awareness and Involvement

Physical and Mental Health

Political Awareness and Involvement

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